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Well respected by his peers and in the local community, David Gleeson has been a builder in the Macarthur area for a number of years. Starting his building career as a carpenter, David now has over 20 years’ experience in the building industry. He has had the opportunity to work on and manage many extravagant & unique projects throughout Sydney including designer homes, luxury car   dealerships, retirement villages. He has also worked on a specials project in preparing the docking station for Qantas’s first AIR BUS A380 before its arrival in Australia. On all projects David teams up with wife Katherine who comes from a long line of property developers and construction industry experience. Her grandfather was a Master builder and has won many awards of excellence in the building industry. He passed his knowledge on where he could, and Katie has always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Katie has spent the majority of her working life in customer service in the Local Government sector. Katie specialises in the concept stage and submission process as she has had exposure to the building submission process on the other side of the counter and the many challenges one may face with council in all departments.

David and Katherine’s constant drive for quality and excellence led them to establish Merino Homes, a local custom home building company located in the Macarthur region of NSW. The hand-picked team that now forms Merino Homes strive to deliver quality homes with a uniqueness true to their client’s needs. They endeavour to make the journey every bit as enjoyable as its destination.  With husband and wife duo, David and Katherine Gleeson both hailing from families with diverse households, it’s safe to say they know not all families and living challenges are the same. The Merino Homes experience meticulously considers the layout and functionality of each home to suit the individual family dynamic. We don’t believe that an off the shelf product suits all needs, therefore our consultative approach considers the smallest of details such as easy flow, maximum use of space and storage needs. When you build with Merino Homes, you’re investing in a forever home. A space you can grow old in with the people or pets you love. Whether you’re building somewhere to make memories of your own or for others to enjoy, it’s with great joy that we create homes that have bespoke design.

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We are "Best practice builder"


What does "Best practice builder" mean?

Our world is forever changing, growing and evolving.

As a builder it is our responsibility to continually educate ourselves on building systems, sustainability of our products, Australian Standards and best practice in the industry. The Best Practice Builder Program is a program that educates builders on up to date building practice, striving for builder 'Best Practices' through the pursuit of excellence in all areas of business and life. 

The best practice builder program focuses its members purpose and passion.

Prides itself on Pro-active systems and process development with a 'client-centric' focus geared towards raising industry standards and restoring respect to the building industry.

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