Our Brochure

At the end of the day when deciding on who to invest in as your builder, trust plays a big factor. Trust is something that needs to be earned and is one of the core values of our business. If you’re looking for an off the shelf product that ticks all the boxes, there are many builders that offer this but if you are looking for someone who values quality works and applies a high standard to themselves, their trades and their suppliers, then you are looking for a custom builder like us. It will not be a case of you versus us. We strongly believe in working as a team with our clients, keeping the communication lines open at all times, brainstorming to overcome any obstacles and getting you in your dream home, on time and on budget.

Project Specifications Sample

We are not in the business of winging it when it comes to our customers and their dreams. We believe that ball park figures can be at times unreliable and misleading.

Our specifications booklet allows you to clearly see what and where your budget has been allocated. Being a custom home builder we offer flexibility in products, suppliers and cost effective budgets with room for movement. The project specifications provide transparent budgets and options for cost saving.

We can provide a custom construction quote that will give you piece of mind when it comes to cost planning your build.