Welcome Designers

Welcome Designers

Welcome to all candidates, this is an exciting challenge and we are eager to see what you will bring to this amazing home. On this page you will find all that you will need to complete this challenge. This page includes the following downloads:



 Letter to the designers  |  Design brief  |  Letter from the Architect

Letter to Designers

In this attachment you will find a brief introduction on what is needed and required during the submission progress.


In this attachment you will find a full breakdown of 3 areas to design on including the client suggestions. We have included photos that have been supplied by the client and used by us in our design sessions with the client. Please take advantage of these photos and use them as a guide to creating your brief.

Letter from the Architect

We have organised a letter from the Architects to allow you to understand the design and how they created the home based on the vision the clients provided. This letter was specifically written for you from the architect.

Check list

We created a check list for you to go through prior to submitting your designs. This list if for your use only and is not required to be apart of your submission for the design.

Good Luck Designers!