A bespoke home allows you to customise your day to day life. It also allows you many choices in the finishings, styles and layout. looking for some inspiration to get the ideas flowing? We hope the information below helps create your dream space, whatever it may be.




Paint colours, carpet, countertops…for many people, choosing the finishes and selections for their new home is either the most fun or most daunting part of the building process! Finishes make a home truly yours. It comes down to your personal style, and how you want to live in your home. Before selecting your finishes you need to consider the purpose of your home,

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Mums of boys

"Boys are just a different breed to girls"

Why not embrace that and design your home to grow with you and your growing males, not against them. Can you imagine your 6 foot 15 year old in a single bed as that's the only size that can fit in their room?

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Mums of girls

A house full of girls is far from that and were there may be less rough and tumble, those princesses can easily turn into drama queens so be prepared for mega meltdowns and evil that comes in the form of glitter.

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Fur Family

As the number of families with fur babies continue to rise, home designs are evolving to suit the top dog’s needs. For these loveable additions to the family whether it be a pampered pooch or a kind kitty it doesn’t take long to figure out who rules the roost.

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"Duel Income No Kids"

Often known as the socialites, you enjoy entertaining and the luxury of living an independent life. A home for you should represent you personality and lifestyle, no toy room required nor do you require a kid safe cabinetry. Many things need to be considered in building a home for such a lifestyle and planning is key for have this space both compliment who you are now and also work for the future. Invest in a custom design that can grow and evolve in any which direction you chose.

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Empty nesters no more

We call you a "boomerang families"

Kids have been out in the big world and seen what is out there. They have been burdened with bills and responsibility and now have the respect for what their parents have provided in the past. As children it is forever drilled into us "safety and security in numbers". More and more families are pooling their money with family members and building a dream home that could not be achieved on their own.

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Forever home

"first homes buyer' is well behind you, you now what to be a "last home buyer"

You've done the hard times, raised a family or built your empire and are now looking to build a home you can grow old in. A home for the children, grandchildren or visitors to feel welcome in and most of all to have all those wish list items. A forever home is an in depth process where we take into consideration family health history, your health and potential challenges you may face as you head into the later years of your life. In the design process Merino Homes allows for reinforced walls in the bathroom and or maybe hallways so that a hand rails could be installed if needed at a late date. Doors and walkways and rooms made wheel chair friendly. Its not about getting old, its about being smart and investing in your quality of life and future.

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Unique ideas

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