Dirty clothes, lego foot injuries and brawling is the life of a - Mother of all boys

Fun, Fun, Fun...

Mums of boys

After finding out that our third beautiful baby was to be yet another boy I sought out information on Mums of boys and after sifting through all the "I want a girl" articles, I realised that there is a whole community of us out there. I talked to many Mums who have the pleasure of an all-male household and there seemed to be many similarities in the challenges we face in our homes and day-to-day lives. Through my research it all boiled down to: "Boys are just a different breed to girls"

Why not embrace that and design your home to grow with you and your growing males? Can you imagine your six-foot, 15 year old in a single bed because it’s the only size that can fit in their room?

Design is key.

What Mum are you?

I read an article from a blog called Blunt Mums and it had this statement that rang true to my core. “I can tell from the pick-up line at school who the mums of girls are and who has the boys. Mums of girls arrive early to chat with the teachers. They wear fresh makeup, cute wedges and designer jeans. They wave gleefully to their girls, “Hi sweetie!” and hustle them out the door off to a magical world full of enchantment and Mummy and me crafting. Mums of boys skid into the parking lot sideways, dressed for battle with army fatigues, sneakers, hair pulled back in ponytails and sunglasses on so they don’t have to make eye contact with the principal. “Get over here,” They yell. “Hey you! Get in the van NOW! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Then they peel away, windows down so all farts and other strange odours can be exorcised outside.”

BIG appetites and plenty of energy...

Building homes for growing boys

When it comes to family homes, there’s plenty to think about in the initial design stages. From the number of bedrooms to the storage allocations in communal areas, it’s worth making sure your new home accommodates every occupant, adult or otherwise!

However, when it comes to boys in particular, innovative design is incredibly important. Traditionally, they have big appetites and plenty of energy, so giving them the space to explore and grow is essential. Here are just five rooms that you’ll need to think about when designing a house for boys:



Heart of the home, this is where a lot of your traffic will be and generally, boys are known for voraciously consuming everything in sight. From second servings to never-ending snacks, their appetites are notorious! It’s therefore worth considering adapting your kitchen space to accommodate this, with room for a double fridge, a larger pantry (or butler’s pantry) and additional storage space for things like Tupperware and larger pieces of cooking equipment. A second fridge always comes in handy, especially when the football team plans to visit after a game.

Kitchens are uniquely personal and when designing yours, sometimes it is good to consider all the uses of this space. Your breakfast bar may become the new homework bench so you can cook dinner while helping with timestables. You may want a study nook to research meal plans, recipes and to monitor Internet habits. Having your main computer in a common place is highly recommended for young and growing families.

If these things are considered at design stage then provisions can be made for elements like additional powerpoints and hard-wired outlets for your home network.


Between the craft experiments and garden adventures, the chances of any piece of clothing staying clean are slim to none. If your boys are particularly adventurous, consider making part of your laundry a mud room with shower, perfect for hosing off after an explore. Any Mum to a boy will know that stains are never-ending, from grassed knees to mud-soaked shirts. If you are finding a particular stain hard to remove, jump on the link below for some tips and make life easy by installing a second sink especially for soaking, ensuring those white T-shirts remain as clean as can be. 

Spaces to play and grow


For those boys who prefer indoor adventures, the lounge room is key. To ensure nothing – and no-one – is damaged, look into securing heavy appliances and furniture to the wall or floor. If opting for timber, concrete or other hardwood floors, it’s worth putting down a rug. It will set the boundaries of the playing area, provide a cushion to body parts when tussling and make it much easier to clean should something spill. 

Try locating this room in clear view of where you will be spending most of your time, whether it be near the kitchen, study or backyard. Having you close by not only gives you peace of mind but can also help give the kids a sense of security.


Bedrooms are hard when it comes to boys! You want to make them beautiful enough so that they never want to leave (or hop into your bed at 2am) but at the same time, not too good that they never go to sleep when it's time for bed. Why not break it down to the basics and it can always grow from there? As boys evolve into men, so should their bedrooms. Neutral-coloured walls coated in a satin finish provide the perfect canvas on which your boy can express himself (just not directly on the wall!).

You should also consider the size of the space – while he may be in a single bed now, as he grows, a double or queen bed could be necessary.  Therefore, when it comes to the design, approach it like you would an adult’s bedroom – it will pay off in the long run.

Built in storage is also good not only for clothes but for toys, books and downtime projects such as Lego.



Bath / Shower / Toilet

Three simple things in a boy’s bathroom but a little care at design stage will go a long way when you’re trying to get between a vanity and toilet bowl to scrub.

Little boys may still love to splash around in the bath, but as they grow, you’ll need to make sure the bathroom can still accommodate them. Separate bath and shower spaces, shielded by frosted glass, a shower curtain or even a dividing wall will ensure privacy and the ability to wash off without causing a huge mess. Full height tiles allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.  

A separate toilet may also come in handy, although it may not be for the same reason. Girls are not the only ones who hog bathroom time.


A family of boys can be entertaining and amusing, but also exhausting.