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Merino Homes - Processes


We meet with you to discuss the possibilities for your home. You can let us know your wish list, budget, hopes and dreams. We will explain our services and the building process.


An on-site inspection will allow us to make a preliminary assessment of your land characteristics such as slope, orientation views and planning requirements.


A number of things need to be done for the design of your home. We offer a service that looks after the site survey, soil testing (if needed), planning report and concept design. Once documents are obtained they are yours to keep. It is at this stage we can do a feasibility assessment with an estimated costing (ball park figure) for your consideration.


Doing a price for a quote is something we take very seriously. We respect that when building, you are looking at a big investment and will need an accurate costing to keep your budget on target throughout the build. Our tender comes at a fee but it will include a 15 to 20 page detailed booklet of specifications and a page with options of upgrades, broken done to allow flexibility and transparency.

If you are looking for a ball park figure, this is provided at feasibility stage, but it is called a ball park figure for a reason. Some builders offer a square metre rate as a guideline; we find at times this can be misleading, especially for a custom home. You are looking to build a custom home with unique design and finishes, so an off the shelf price can lead to a long list of unwanted extras and unnecessary stress. Investing in an accurate quote allows not only transparency but peace of mind for your build ahead.


Contracts get signed, building approvals are organised and we book in construction timelines. You will receive access to our online project management system. This access allows you to review construction timelines, finish selections, progress photos and more.


You will be able to monitor the construction program, selections and contract cost, as well as communicate with us using our online client access system. This means you’ll always be informed and kept up to date.

We organise regular on-site walkthroughs of the project with you. If you change your mind about something or it is not quite what you were expecting we can work with you to see if we can incorporate this change.


We want you to love your new home. Before handover of the keys we will make sure that you are happy with all aspects. We do a full assessment of the home to provide a defect-free exchange.


Our commitment to you doesn't end when we hand over the keys. We do maintenance assessment after thirty days and again at twelve months after completion because we know that a house needs to be monitored through all four seasons before we can we give it the final tick of approval. We find great reward in delivering a quality product to our customers and our maintenance period is an extra courtesy we like to offer for peace of mind.

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