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Raising an all girl family: Design Elements to Consider

Unicorns, fashion accessories and evil in the form of glitter - all in a days work of a mother raising daughters

Fun, Fun, Fun...

Girl Power

For those of you lucky enough to be graced with the presence of little princesses their needs and wants are very different to a home full of boys. I grew up with many sisters and we were nothing but quiet and charming, until one wanted to wear those must have pair of jeans or play hair dressers with real scissors and our own hair.

Think less “rough and tumble”, more “quiet and creative”; a home full of girls focuses around bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and more. “que soppy music”

When breaching this subject with some mums of all girl families they laughed at the word quiet. A house full of girls is far from that and were there may be less rough and tumble, those princesses can easily turn into drama queens so be prepared for mega meltdowns and evil that comes in the form of glitter.

We have found that there are some key zones in a home that needs extra focus when females are involved.

Bed / Bath & BEYOND


As your girls grow so too does the time spent in the bathroom, it’s the small things that go a long way in a successful bathroom set up. Us girls don’t always roll out of bed looking so amazing.

We say the bigger the mirror the better and good lighting is a must. When trying to get out of the house in the morning a double sink and vanity with extra elbow room will help this run smoother.

Girls have a lot of items that are used in a bathroom, if they are not already into make and hair styling there is a good chance they will be in years to come. You might want to allow extra bench space and storage so that this space grows with them.


There is no hard and fast rule for girls’ bedrooms - every princess wants her own palace– so consult your girls when designing it. Allow room for their uniqueness to grow, if they like to read than book storage and a well-lit area is must have. If they are more on the active side allow some open area for stretching and exercise. Study nooks are also a great spaces for drawings, creativity and time outs, just to take a breath. These spaces can always be used later for study during the school years.

Clothes sharing and fashion parades were a regular event in my home when growing up and having a space where these wonderful things can happen can be life altering to a mum who enjoys a clean house. Why not consider a Jack and Jill walk in robe located between 2 bedrooms?

Spaces to play and grow

Living / Lounge

Growing up our lounge room was frequented with fashion parades, dance shows, “Friends” marathons and family time. As we didn’t have an open plan house, we were either in the kitchen or hanging out in the lounge room. Our lounge room had the 3 most important things in our home. It was next to the one and only corded phone, had the only TV with a remote and the only heat source in winter, an open fire place.

Oh how the times have changed, families now thrive on open plan living and a lot of homes enjoy the comfort of many tv’s or screens of some sort. As a mum or a dad we work tirelessly to achieve that “family time” with our kids whether it be around the table at dinner or bonding over mutual tv shows we all love. When planning your living/dining room take into consideration the multipurpose uses of these spaces. Your dining room area can double for creative time or study/homework area. Lounge room can be cleared for dance practice. Open easy flow between kitchen/living/lounge is important as it allows a growing family to spread out but still connect with conversation and keep up to date with each other’s lives. In saying this watching “Home and Away” every night may not be your ideal way to unwind after a hard day so a second lounge room may come in handy from time to time.


No matter the dynamic of a family, I always say home is where the food is. Coming from a long line of food loves kitchens and their layouts are high on my priority list. Open kitchen plans are not only on-trend; they also create the heart of the home.

As your girls become teens an open kitchen allows them to socialise with their friends and you, rather than being segregated to their rooms.

With a young family why not allow a lower bench area for mummy and me cook offs. Giving you the option to transform this area into a study nook / craft area in the years to come.

It is all about making your zoning versatile so that your space grows with you and not against you


As your kids grow up the laundry tends to multiply with uniforms, changes of clothes, sports clothes and sometimes last-minute room cleans. Give yourself space to move around, fold, stack, sort. Laundries are often overlooked at the planning stage and are the first room to cost save. Good planning will allow this room to be as function as all other rooms.

Think about having an extra sink for stain removal soaking & delicate handwashing. Slide out flat drying draws for those dance costumes that you don’t want peg creases on. Also a healthy amount of bench space and or maybe an indoor clothes line…

A family of girls can be magical and filled with love, but at times can also be exhausting.

 Make your everyday life easier by considering their unique characteristics in your home design. Merino Homes can help bring your vision to life.

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