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Here you can access advice & checklists on important things every home owner should know before starting a building or renovation project. At Merino Homes we pride ourselves on good build practice and quality finishes and we feel that some clients that come to us are overwhelmed with to much information on where to start and how to sort through fact or fiction. Whether you are building with us or are looking to begin a project and don't know where to start, we have developed these handy tips and guides to help you avoid being that cliché dinner party story of a nightmare build and identify some of the common pitfalls.

Design Anchor Sample

When designing a home for our clients we customise your brief to what suits you and your lifestyle.

A lot of time and effort goes into the design briefs produced by Merino Homes. We provide you with a full brief inclusive of with furnishings and colour schemes.

8 Essential Things You Need To Know Before Building A Custom Home

This covers from your builders choice, how to check their licence, to house design, architects, engineers and.....


5 Inspiring Tips for Choosing Home Selections and Finishes

Paint colours, carpet, countertops and more, for many people, choosing the finishes and selections for their new home is either the most fun or most daunting part of the building process! Finishes make a home truly yours. It comes down to.......


Checklist for Contracts

Here is a final check list to make sure you haven’t missed anything before you sign your building contract.


Quick Guide to Builders Jargon

Baffled by builders babble? If you’re new to building you’ll know that it’s a unique and often confusing realm, complete with its very own language. Don’t get confused or over whelmed by extensive builders dictionaries. Here is a quick reference guide with most common building terms you come across in the building industry. From acoustic batts to a “long weight” and more….


Livable Housing Guidelines

Here is the livable housing guidelines for you to see if your home is built to meet the changing needs of occupants across their lifetime.


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4 Simple Steps to making your bush fire survival plan

Preparing for a bushfire is easy! You and your families safety and survival during a bush fire depends on how prepared you are and what decisions you make! Making a plan when a bushfire threatens is too late! Check out the 4 easy steps below and start planning early.

Step 1 discussion guide

Step 2 Checklist 

Step 3 Alert Levels

Step 4 Key Information

Even if your plan is to leave early, the more you prepare your home, the more likely it will survive a bush fire or ember attack. Check out the link below for basic maintenance tips to prepare your property:

Prepare your home and property fact Sheet


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